Presenting the 2014-15 UMD Disorientation Guide! (color-print version)

Now presenting . . . (drum roll ….wait, drum roll! not “drum circle”) THE 2014-15 UMD Disorientation Guide!

This year’s Guide is the product of the work of dozens of students, workers, activists, artists, writers, poets, collaborators, comrades, and friends – from the University of Maryland and beyond – organized by RadicalRush and students in Co-op Housing University of Maryland, with support of dozens more mentors, housemates, friends, and family.

An extended online version with more articles and original content is coming soon! THANKS SO MUCH to all the people that made this possible and to every contributor who sent content, ideas, love, and support to make this zine great!

Disorientation Guide Cover by Savannah Staubs, 2014

Disorientation Guide Cover by Savannah Staubs, 2014

Click on the image above or click here to read our zine! 2014-15 UMD Disorientation Guide (Color – Print Version) #disorient2K14

Shout-out to all of our amazing people who made donations: Abishek Gopal, Avid Antonelli, Charles Imwold, Cici Bisogno, Corey Rennolds, Tim Dawson, and our anonymous contributors as well! Immortals will appear in the upcoming extended version online guide! 😀
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Excerpt From UMD Disorientation Guide – Coming Wednesday at First Look Fair

Did you generally get the impression there was something missing from your new student orientation? Well your intuition served you well because there is a lot more to campus and campus-life than meets the eye. This is an excerpt from the upcoming 2014-15 UMD! Look for them at UMD’s First Look Fair tomorrow (Wednesday) and Thursday Sept. 17th-18th on McKeldin Mall.





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Days of Action! University of Maryland Students Demonstrate for Workers in Bangladesh!

Students DEMAND University of Maryland Brands Sign the Bangladesh Fire and Building Safety Accord – In Coordination with USAS Day of Action 

Post-Action Picture Flyer2

On Wednesday April 23, 2014, UMD students honored the 1,129 Bangledeshi workers who died in the Rana Plaza factory collapse the day before the one-year-anniversary of the disaster on April 24, 2013.  United Students Against Sweatshops (USAS) and UMD students are joining together to pay their respects to the families and victims of the collapse and to demand companies like JanSport take action to prevent disasters like this in the future. 150 brands have signed the Accord including American Eagle, H&M, and Adidas, but VF Corporation, owner of JanSport, VF Imagewear, and other affiliates, have thus far evaded responsibility for the safety of their workers. 18 schools across the nation have already required their licensees to sign the Accord, including American University just yesterday!—it’s time for UMD to join them.

USAS organizers and Bangladesh workers met with University of Maryland Administration officials to discuss suspending JanSport licenses in a bid to pressure them to sign the Accord, however university representatives indicated they would not take action on this issue. So students groups Justice at Maryland and Community Roots teamed up to take the message directly to the UMD students and consumers to boycott JanSport products. The event turned out really well and the reception from the UMD community was fantastic. We had so many great conversations, words of support, and got connected to more students and faculty who want to become involved. On Thursday April 24 2014 – the one-year-anniversary of the Rana Plaza factory collapse – we are delivering a letter addressed to University of Maryland President Loh to ask him to suspend the license agreement with JanSport and affiliates if they do not sign the Accord and comply with UMD business ethics standards.  Also, a second demonstration is planned to coincide the the USAS National Day of Action TODAY (Thursday 4/24) at 12:30PM in STAMP Student Union.

How will signing the Accord prevent this catastrophe from happening again?

While no legislation can guarantee this could never happen again as long as sweatshops exist, the Accord requires collaboration with workers’ protection groups, rigorous inspections and public transparency, and it’s legally binding to the companies that sign it.

What can you do to help?

  • sign our online petition at
  • Share information about the Accord and talk to other people about it!
  • Demand that University of Maryland President Wallace Loh cut ties with VF Corporation, owner of JanSport and VF Imagewear, and its affiliates.
  • Demand that President Loh require current and future licensees at the University of Maryland to sign onto the Bangladesh Safety Accord.

Students Call For Tuition Freeze at University of Maryland – RALLY FRIDAY

University of Maryland President Wallace Loh has been advocating for more funding and improvements that will increase quality, affordability, and accessibility to higher education at College Park. Yet, the University System of Maryland (USM) Board of Regents and State of Maryland General Assembly cut funding for higher education once again resulting in another 3% tuition hike for USM schools.

**Note: President Loh has not indicated support for the demonstration, or the demands of demonstrators**

President Loh poster, modified per request of UMD AVP of Marketing and Communications

President Loh poster, modified per request of UMD AVP of Marketing and Communications


Student-Labor-Action Project – SLAP


It is obvious that budgets are being balanced disproportionately on the backs of students, and we cannot allow this to happen. While many hike-apologists cite more severe tuition hikes at other public institutions as an excuse for complacency, we believe access to quality education is a right, not a privilege, and thus any hike is a move in the wrong direction.  Young people today are faced with particularly grim chances of finding a job where they can earn enough money to live a comfortable life, and most employers now require a 4 year degree at a bare minimum. To attain a job paying a livable wage, bypassing College is not a real option. Students who don’t come from wealthy backgrounds are paying for school with student loans, acquiring debt that will take decades to pay off – student debt has surged to over $1.2 Trillion dollars becoming a major national financial problem. A 3% tuition hike will mean an approximate increase of $650 annually for in-state tuition. Along with fees, high book-costs, sky-high housing and food costs, and ever-lurking DOTS parking enforcement officers, students will be burdened even more – particularly poor and low-income students.

Education should be free, and a 3% tuition hike is no compromise. That’s why we are demanding the Board of Regents and the Maryland General Assembly compromise with President Loh and UMD students to (i) implement a 3-year TUITION FREEZE, and (ii) make public the contract between the campus bank, Capital One, and the University.

The student rally is Friday April 25th 11:00 a.m. in front of the Administration Building. 

Let’s present a united front to #SLAPTheHikes and #SLAPdebt and show the Board of Regents and Maryland state legislators that we’re serious about improving access to education!

Multiculturalism and Social Justice Double-Header at College Park


University of Maryland Student Government (UMDSGA) Diversity CommitteeUMD Office of Diversity and Inclusion (UMD ODI),Multicultural Involvement and Community Advocacy (MICA), and the Nyumburu Cultural Center are co-hosting a DIVERSITY SUMMIT starting 2PM FRIDAY APRIL 18th in the STAMP Student Union Colony BallroomThe goal of the Diversity Summit is to promote solidarity, cooperation, and support between students of diverse backgrounds by providing a platform for students to connect, inspire, educate, organize, and demonstrate their abilities to enhance the campus community and motivate others to take reciprocal action. This will be a rewarding opportunity for students from all aspects of campus life to come together and build towards a basis of mutual understanding and inclusion. 

Some of the challenges that they hope to address include:

  • Communication breakdown that draws attention to our differences
  • Unwillingness to speak out and ignoring the issues at hand
  • Divided campus with only the appearance of diversity
  • An apathetic campus

By creating avenues for communication and a safe space for open dialogue the purpose of the Diversity Summit is to:
[C]onnect with one another 
[R]espond to an issue 
[E]mpower ourselves and others
[D]iversify our campus community 

Everyone is welcome!
This is a FREE event including LUNCH courtesy of the Office of Multicultural Involvement and Community Advocacy (MICA) and many special performances and presentations!

See the facebook page bellow to RSVP, get directions, or get more details on the event:

Multicultural event to increase inter-group discussion and solidarity organized by the SGA Diversity Committee, Spring 2014

Multicultural event to increase inter-group discussion and solidarity organized by the SGA Diversity Committee, Spring 2014


Looking to bring social into the world of social change, Community Roots – a University of Maryland College Park student group that hosts student led discussion on contemporary civil rights and social justice issues – is hosting it’s annual celebration of hip hop, resistance, and social justice – Move The Movement 2014!!!
FREE LIVE Performances by a wide range of socially conscious artists -> 18+ SHOW, OPEN TO PUBLIC -> MOVE-THE-MOVEMENT -> Friday April 18, From 6-9PM in the Nyumburu Cultural Center in College Park, Maryland (right next to the STAMP Student Union). See the facebook page for more information:

Community Roots event at Nyumburu Spring 2014

Community Roots event at Nyumburu Spring 2014

University of Maryland Students – “TUITION FREEZE, NOW!”




We are demanding (1) the University of Maryland Administration publicly support a 3- year tuition freeze, and (2) make public the financial relationship to CAPITAL ONE FINANCIAL CORPORATION to ensure financial transparency and accountability, particularly as it pertains to student loans.

Their FIRST DIRECT ACTION is 11AM FRIDAY APRIL 25th in front of the Administration Building!

Come out and SLAP the hikes!

See their facebook link for more information:

We Are Woman rally, Saturday August 18th

We are marching for Rights affecting:
  • Our bodies
  • Our health
  • Our families
  • Our livelihood
  • Our future
Women’s rights are human rights.
Our mission is to bring national attention to the ongoing war on women’s rights being fought by conservative representatives in federal and state legislatures throughout the country. We believe that women have the right to control their own bodies, make their own decisions about healthcare, receive equal pay for equal work, and be treated with respect by the men and women who represent them in their own state houses and in Washington.  Women are not a special interest group seeking special privileges; we comprise 50% of the population, and we are citizens deserving of the same freedoms and protections awarded to our male counterparts.  We Are Woman supports the passage of the Equal Rights Amendment and the restoration of all the rights that have been limited or destroyed by governors and other legislators across the nation.  It is our goal to bring thousands of men and women together at the Capitol on August 18th, 2012, to tell our politicians, “No more!”  We are strong, powerful, loving and brave. We are America. We Are Woman.
When: Saturday, August 18, 10:30am-4:00pm
Where: West front lawn of the Capitol Building

Outline of women’s faces with words “We Are Woman” and event details.

Rally against mountaintop removal mining, Nov 16

If coal companies get their way, southwest Virginia’s beautiful and iconic Ison Rock Ridge will be blown to pieces by explosives and turned into a 1,200 acre mountaintop removal coal mining site.

Mining operations could even take place within 300 feet of some community members’ homes, but incredibly, the State of Virginia isn’t doing anything to protect its residents.

The Environmental Protection Agency has the authority to block the mining permit and save Ison Rock Ridge — and a decision is expected soon.

Our friends at the Sierra Club and Wise Energy for Virginia are hosting a rally outside the EPA’s headquarters in Washington on Wednesday to make sure the agency knows that allowing mountaintop removal mining at Ison Rock Ridge is unacceptable. Here are the details:

Image of mountain exploding with words "What's your connection to mountaintop removal?"

Speakers at Wednesday’s rally will include Wise County residents working to save Ison Rock Ridge, faith leaders and others involved in the crucial fight against mountaintop removal coal mining.

In June more than 1,600 CREDO action members in Virginia submitted public comments telling the EPA to block the permit for mountaintop removal mining at Ison Rock Ridge. That’s a great start, but now that the EPA is close to making a decision we need to take the fight directly to its doorstep.

That’s why community members from Wise County are making the trip to Washington for Wednesday’s rally, where they’ll be joined by hundreds of concerned activists from the DC area.

A big crowd at next week’s rally will make it more likely that the EPA blocks this dangerous and environmentally destructive permit. Can you join us to speak out against mountaintop removal coal mining?  Click here to RSVP for Wednesday’s rally.

When: Wednesday November 16, 12PM-1PM

Where: EPA Headquarters, Ariel Rios Building, 1200 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, Washington, D.C.

Make Wall Street Pay, Nov 3

As the leaders of the G-20 nations meet in France to address the global economic crisis, join with nurses, consumer advocates and union allies as part of actions around the world to send a message from Main Street: Wall Street must pay for the devastation they’ve caused to our communities. A Wall Street Financial Transaction Tax (FTT) can raise $350 billion per year in the U.S. to provide living wage jobs, guaranteed healthcare, a secure retirement for all, quality public education, good housing and protection from hunger. European workers want the benefits of the FTT in their own countries as well. For more information:

When: Thursday, November 3, 11:30-12:30

Where: Lafayette Square Park

16th Street & H Street NW (in front of the White House)

Wall Street Bull

Out of Our Silos – Into the Streets! A Call to APHA Members and Friends, Oct 31

The Metropolitan Washington Public Health Association’s Health Disparities Committee invites you to a solidarity rally for workers, students, and health practitioners!


Jobs with good pay, benefits and working conditions.
Stable housing
Optimal conditions to be healthy
Opportunities to make meaningful contributions to the world
Health care for everyone – nobody out!


Let’s move beyond research and health services to action.
Get back on the front lines fighting for better social conditions.
Demand universal health care and civil rights.
Protect the civil rights of all people.

"Got public health?"


The jobless rate for Latinos and African Americans is 30% in some parts of the United States.
Share the message that inequality hurts everyone’s health, not only those at the bottom.
Fighting injustice and defending one another improves health.


Ally with workers from all countries – not politicians
US capitalists and their politicians use cutbacks and racism to strengthen their profitability.
US CEOs make over 350 times the income of workers, yet businesses and Congress are slashing worker benefits and social programs to increase profitability and maintain their competitive
Public health workers must refuse to withhold or offer substandard care to anyone based on race, socio-economic class or immigration status.

For more information: or 202-994-3623

When: Monday, October 31 · 12:00pm – 1:30pm

Where: Washington Convention Center – March to the Verizon Center to support Verizon workers fighting for jobs and healthcare

Gather at New York Ave & 7th St NW
Washington, DC