Presenting the 2014-15 UMD Disorientation Guide! (color-print version)

Now presenting . . . (drum roll ….wait, drum roll! not “drum circle”) THE 2014-15 UMD Disorientation Guide!

This year’s Guide is the product of the work of dozens of students, workers, activists, artists, writers, poets, collaborators, comrades, and friends – from the University of Maryland and beyond – organized by RadicalRush and students in Co-op Housing University of Maryland, with support of dozens more mentors, housemates, friends, and family.

An extended online version with more articles and original content is coming soon! THANKS SO MUCH to all the people that made this possible and to every contributor who sent content, ideas, love, and support to make this zine great!

Disorientation Guide Cover by Savannah Staubs, 2014

Disorientation Guide Cover by Savannah Staubs, 2014

Click on the image above or click here to read our zine! 2014-15 UMD Disorientation Guide (Color – Print Version) #disorient2K14

Shout-out to all of our amazing people who made donations: Abishek Gopal, Avid Antonelli, Charles Imwold, Cici Bisogno, Corey Rennolds, Tim Dawson, and our anonymous contributors as well! Immortals will appear in the upcoming extended version online guide! 😀
If you would like to contribute to help us print hard-copy zines for incoming students at the First Look Fair or make future disorientation guides possible, please click on our link and make a donation. We have neat personalized prizes for donators too! Have a radical year! – UMD Radical Rush and Disorientation Guide

University of Maryland Students – “TUITION FREEZE, NOW!”




We are demanding (1) the University of Maryland Administration publicly support a 3- year tuition freeze, and (2) make public the financial relationship to CAPITAL ONE FINANCIAL CORPORATION to ensure financial transparency and accountability, particularly as it pertains to student loans.

Their FIRST DIRECT ACTION is 11AM FRIDAY APRIL 25th in front of the Administration Building!

Come out and SLAP the hikes!

See their facebook link for more information:

Occupy Congress on Tuesday!

Look out! This Tuesday, Occupy activists (that’s you!) will be swooping down on DC to take a stand against Congressional inaction and ineffectiveness.  For more information, check out

Here’s the schedule for the day:

09:00 am – Converge at West Front Lawn (Meetings with Representatives concurrent)
10:00 am – Training on De-escalation, Legal Observing, Medical, Direct Action
11:00 am – Teach-ins and Open Mic start and go all day
12:00 pm – Multi-Occupation General Assembly
02:00 pm – Open Activities and Idea Sharing Sessions
06:00 pm – Occupy Congress Rally and Protest and DC Voting Rights Vigil
8pm – 11pm – OCCUParty

Occupy UMD Thursday Night Teach-in, Nov 17

Occupy UMD‘s first Thursday night student teach-in will open with a brief presentation on the history of the Treasury department, the founding of the Federal Reserve, and the effects of their activities on our economic system. Afterword, American Studies Professor Asim Ali will facilitate a discussion and Q&A session on economics in modern America.  Click here for the facebook event.
When: Thursday, November 17 · 7:00pm – 8:30pm
Where: Hozapfel Rm 0106, UMD

Cartoon of white man in business suit saying "As a matter of fact, we do believe in redistributing the world's wealth... It's just that we believe in redistributing it from the poor to the rich."

March in Solidarity with Occupy Oakland Against Police Brutality, Nov 2

Join OccupyDC on Wednesday, November 2nd at 4 pm to march to the Department of Justice to demand justice for Occupy Oakland in the wake of horrific police brutality unleashed against hundreds of American citizens exercising their First Amendment right to peaceably assemble.

Why march?

MARCH because the police brutality unleashed on Occupy Oakland and in Occupy communities everywhere is unacceptable.

MARCH because we refuse to bear the burden of the economic crisis, while the banks and the financial firms that caused it get bailed out with over a trillion dollars of taxpayer money.

MARCH for an economy that prioritizes the needs of the 99%, not the greed and profit of the 1%.

MARCH to end corporate donation and fulfill the promise of true democracy in our world.

Bring your family, coworkers, and friends to McPherson Square (15th and K st NW) at 4 pm on Wednesday November 2nd to demand justice and an end to police brutality!  Click here for the facebook event!

When: Wednesday, November 2 · 4:00pm – 7:00pm

Where: From McPherson Square to the Department of Justice

Occupy protesters run from tear gas deployed by police at 14th Street and Broadway in Oakland, Calif., Tuesday. Darryl Bush/AP.

Occupy UMD Begins, Oct 28

In solidarity with Occupy Wall Street, we are occupying the University of Maryland!

The first Occupy UMD march will be at 5pm,
the General Assembly will be at 6pm,
and then a evening of fun leading up to the first night of our 24/7 occupation.

Join us on the Mall at the Sundial

Bring your tents, tarps and sleeping bags if youve got them!

Before our march on campus students across the country will march to the Occupations (here to see the DC march)!

When: Friday, October 28th at 5:00pm

Where: On the Mall at the sun dial, UMD

Maryland flag behind 99%

Students March to the Occupations, Oct 28

Friends, Allies, and Fellow Students:

Our world has recently seen some big changes during our lifetimes. The explosion of tuition and fees at institutions of higher learning, the tightening of student aid, and the spectre of a life in debt are the mere beginning. We have got to do better by ourselves, our children, and our world. And we’re starting to fight back.

Over the past few weeks, students from all over the country have been organizing themselves in alliance with local Occupy groups and we are no different here in Washington, D.C. Students from the University of Maryland at College Park, the George Washington University, Howard University, Georgetown University, American University, George Mason University, the University of the District of Columbia and the Community College of the District of Columbia have organized a JOINT ACTION for THIS FRIDAY, OCTOBER 28th.

We want to stand up against the enormous profit extracted from our labors as students and demand a change. We are planning a march against an organization that we all know can make the lives of millions of students and future workers better by adhering to justice. And Occupy DC has our backs: Sunday evening, they signed on to help us out with their wealth of resources and knowledge.

Student with hand-written "I am the 99%" sign

Campus contacts:

  • University of Maryland at College Park: Dennis Frostbutter,, (443) 624-4814
  • George Washington University: Samuel Nelson,, (757) 646-8036
  • Howard University: Corryn Freeman,, (443) 538-6615
  • Georgetown University: Gina Bull,, (845) 596-6512
  • American University: Mana Aliabadi,, (412) 680-1914
  • George Mason University: Jason von Kundra,, (202) 450-7181

Click on the facebook event for much more information!

When: Friday, October 28 · 3:00pm – 5:00pm

Where: McPhereson Square (15th & K Streets NW DC); students from UMD can meet at the platform of CP metro at 2:00

99% v. 1%: What Capitalism is Doing to YOU, Oct 20

In light of the #occupy movement sweeping the nation, we’re talking about capitalism and the state of our economy this week! Join us in Tydings 1102 at 6 this Thursday to discuss your thoughts on the way the system is run and where your money actually goes.  Click here for the facebook event!

When: Thursday, October 20 · 6:00pm – 8:00pm

Where: Tydings 1102, UMD

We are the 99% image for occupy wall st.