Help The UMD 2015-16 Disorientation Guide Become a Reality


Please support our project to publish and print the 2015-16 UMD Disorientation Guide. This zine holds the keys to information about our campus and our communities that university-directed orientations don’t want students to see. Help students get the information that really counts by making a small contribution or sharing our fundraising link with friends. All $$$ collected will go to printing costs for the guide which will be handed out free!

2015-16 UMD Disorientation Guide Indiegogo

Monday September 29th – Migrant Children Vigil and Call to Action!

On Monday, September 29th, University of Maryland students are organizing a vigil and march on the White House for the migrant children of Central America imprisoned in detention centers here in the United States.

A vigil is a somber space to express support on an issue or person/s in need of assistance. The vigil in support of the child migrants has been ongoing at St. John’s Church since early July, and different organizations and universities host a vigil every Monday. Starting at 6:30PM, we will have a series of guest speakers including student testimonies, music, and performances to show our solidarity with migrant children. See the facebook event page here – > UMD Unity Quilt, Vigil and March

These children are being detained in facilities that resemble dog kennels, without adequate access to food, healthcare, blankets, or books. These conditions are dehumanizing! not only metaphorically, but literally. We didn’t cross the border, the border crossed us and no person is illegal simply based on where they were born. People have been moving across the Americas for thousands of years. Movement is a part of life and freedom, and this event is part of the movement to address this injustice. We will also proudly present our growing quilt that expresses solidarity of all UMD students, faculty, and staff that stand behind the migrant children.

A UMD Charter Bus is leaving STAMP Student Union at 5:00PM and returning to campus by 8:30PM (contact to reserve your seat!). The students will be assembling at St. John’s Episcopal Church (1525 H St NW DC) at 6:00PM and the vigil starts at 6:30PM.

Check out the month of action planned by PLUMAS (A Latino Social Justice Student Group)!

Presenting the 2014-15 UMD Disorientation Guide! (color-print version)

Now presenting . . . (drum roll ….wait, drum roll! not “drum circle”) THE 2014-15 UMD Disorientation Guide!

This year’s Guide is the product of the work of dozens of students, workers, activists, artists, writers, poets, collaborators, comrades, and friends – from the University of Maryland and beyond – organized by RadicalRush and students in Co-op Housing University of Maryland, with support of dozens more mentors, housemates, friends, and family.

An extended online version with more articles and original content is coming soon! THANKS SO MUCH to all the people that made this possible and to every contributor who sent content, ideas, love, and support to make this zine great!

Disorientation Guide Cover by Savannah Staubs, 2014

Disorientation Guide Cover by Savannah Staubs, 2014

Click on the image above or click here to read our zine! 2014-15 UMD Disorientation Guide (Color – Print Version) #disorient2K14

Shout-out to all of our amazing people who made donations: Abishek Gopal, Avid Antonelli, Charles Imwold, Cici Bisogno, Corey Rennolds, Tim Dawson, and our anonymous contributors as well! Immortals will appear in the upcoming extended version online guide! 😀
If you would like to contribute to help us print hard-copy zines for incoming students at the First Look Fair or make future disorientation guides possible, please click on our link and make a donation. We have neat personalized prizes for donators too! Have a radical year! – UMD Radical Rush and Disorientation Guide

War on Drugs – Excerpt from the UMD Disorientation Guide

We finished the disorientation guide and we’re so excited to share our zine with all our friends we can barely contain it!!! Pick up a copy at the University of Maryland, College Park First Look Fair Wednesday and Thursday (September 17-18) ^_^ The full print version will be posted online on the Radical Rush facebook and reposted here on ACT_UMD.



If you would like to help us print physical copies at the first look fair, please (pretty please) donate or share are fundraising page!

Tell PGPD: End your sex worker stings!

Photo Credit: Cheryl Overs

Photo Credit: Cheryl Overs

PG County police are planning to live-tweet a sex worker sting in the upcoming days. Their plan is essentially intended to publicly shame and dehumanize sex workers under the guise of violence prevention (on the contrary, this tactic directly promotes violence). This voyeuristic practice has sparked a backlash that has provided an opportunity to engage with county law enforcement over policing practices of sex work. Call on PG County police to end their plan to live-tweet sex worker stings and replace such practices with dignity, respect, and increased healthcare access for sex workers!

Petition here:

Association of Minority Future Educators – D.C. Books to Prisons Drive


AMFE - D.C. Books2Prisons

It’s time for spring cleaning!! Old books you haven’t read for years laying around your house?? Heavy dictionaries and textbooks taking up precious storage space? DONATE!

This April, AMFE is making a commitment to community-wide literacy by serving the community through a series of events. Please join us for our first annual April book drive!! All books donated will be delivered to the DC Books to Prisons Project.

The U.S. has less than five percent of the world’s population, yet more than 25 percent of the world’s prisoners. Nearly one percent of American adults are incarcerated; the highest rate in the world. However, many prisoners have little access to books or educational material. Usually, prisoners are not allowed to receive books from friends or family. While some prisons have libraries, many do not. Of prisons that do, access and selection can be extremely limited. Programs like Books to Prisions are one of the few options available to prisoners seeking books.

1. Drop the books off in the Nyumburu Cultural Center
2. Drop the books off in the Student Involvement Suite (Stamp Student Union)
3. Arrange a Pick-up by calling (301) 807-0788

Facebook Event Page:

Know Your Rights, first Black Male Initiative event of the semester, Tuesday 7pm

Join us for this semester’s first BMI meeting on Know Your Rights!

We live in a country where “every 36 hours a black woman, man or child is killed by police or security guards and self-appointed law enforcers.” (MXGM, July 2012) Given this alarming state of police brutality and mass incarceration in the US’s extremely racist criminal (in)justice system, it’s crucial for us to understand and educate our communities about how to avoid being victims of this oppressive system.

This program is open to all brothers, anywhere and everywhere, especially those in the DC Metropolitan Area. DINNER WILL BE SERVED.

Black Male Initiative flier.

About BMI:

The Black Male Initiative (BMI) Program is dedicated to the establishment of brotherhood, scholarship, and retention of black males at the University of Maryland. BMI has a commitment to impact the campus and wider communities through collective activism and leadership that promotes the uplifting and empowerment of Black men.

One of the ideals within the leadership of BMI is that no leader can be truly effective if he is not well informed about the critical issues which affect his community. We make it a point to inform all of the members of BMI about those critical issues which affect so many of our communities, both on and off-campus.

Our leadership is in no way, shape, form, or fashion rooted in incessant discussions about the aforementioned issues. We candidly discuss issues and create productive solutions to them in which our members can actively work towards improving. Our leadership is geared towards activism which is rooted in strengthening and improving our communites!

BMI Facilitators: Dr. Ronald Zeigler ( and Mr. Solomon Comissiong (  Click here for more information.

When: Tuesday, 9/11, 7:00pm- 9:00pm
Where: Nyumburu Cultural Center, UMD

A Hip Hop Activist Speaks Out on Social Issues, Tuesday 6:30

A Hip Hop Activist Speaks Out on Social Issues is a collection of essays and articles that offer readers brutally honest (some may define as radical) analysis and commentary regarding a range of social issues and injustices, often ignored by the American corporate media, government and mainstream educational systems. Mass Incarceration (mostly people of color), the Military Industrial Complex, the broad Deleterious Impact of US Foreign Policy, the Corporate Media and its death grip on Hip Hop Music, as well as Institutional Racism and Capitalism, are just some of the topics that are deconstructed throughout this unique book.

Come meet with the author, ask questions, support his efforts, and get a book signed.  Click here for more information.

When: Tuesday 8/28, 6:30pm

Where: Nyumburu Cultural Center, University of Maryland College Park

Book cover of A Hip Hop Activist Speaks Out on Social Issues by Solomon W.F. Comissiong, with the image of a microphone and headphones.

Disorientation Guide Kick-Off, Monday August 20

Every year the UMD social justice community creates a zine, the Disorientation Guide, about the different ways to get involved.  Come help your group be a part of this community!  Together we can outreach to new students and empower more people!

Click here for examples of other Disorientation Guides, and here for more information on the meeting, Monday at 5pm.

Cover of last year’s UMD Disorientation Guide, with picture of Testudo.

Impact of Mass Incarceration on the Black Community, Nov 16

In 2011 more Black men are incarcerated than were enslaved in 1850. 1 in 8 of all of the world’s prisoners is an African-American.  There is now a booming business in the US known as the Prison Industrial Complex. Please come to this important forum that will not only be educational, it will be solutions oriented.

All are welcome.
This event is Sponsored by the Black Male Initiative Program, Howard University’s Students Against Mass Incarceration, and The Leadership Series Program.

When: Wednesday, November 16th, 7pm

Where: Nyumburu Cultural Center at the University of Maryland, College Park

The Impact of Mass Incarceration on the Black Community, flier