6th Solidarity Forum – Next steps to fight UMD worker abuse, Oct 14

Join us this Friday as community members discuss next steps in the JAM campaign for a safe and respectful workplace. In particular, come hear UMD staff talk about their personal experiences with ongoing workplace issues that still need to be resolved.

The administration has released their final report, and it is sorely lacking. Check out the Diamondback editorial board’s take on it here.

The Justice at Maryland coalition will also have a worker solidarity action at the UMD homecoming game.


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Some of the problems:

NO mention of how they will end retaliations: Despite admitting that there is a widespread fear of speaking out, they offer no means to end this climate of intimidation.

NO mention of what will happen to abusive managers: It’s not enough to transfer people around; these people still have free reign on campus.

NO mention of any workplaces outside of facilities management and housekeeping: Many of the worst abuses happen in these departments, but all the abuses in workplaces across campus deserve attention.

NO mention of broader patterns of abuse: These problems go deeper than any particular incident. We need to discuss what systemic problems allow these abuses to continue, and what we can do to end them.

When: Friday, October 14 · 5:30pm – 7:30pm

Where: Nyumburu Cultural Center multipurpose room, UMD

(Homecoming rally Saturday, October 15th 11:30am, Nyumburu amphitheater)

Forum on the DREAM Act and Education, Oct 4

In May 2011, Maryland passed the Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors (DREAM) Act and became the eleventh state in the nation to grant undocumented students in-state tuition at state institutions of higher learning. The Act has been challenged by a petition drive calling for a referendum on the law in November 2012. In August, Casa de Maryland, a non-profit organization devoted to advancing the rights of Latino and Latina immigrants, challenged the legality of the petition drive.

This Forum will address the significance of the Dream Act for Latin American immigrants and for the people of Maryland in general as well as the relevance of the Act for local and national discussions on immigration. Click here for the facebook event.

When: Tuesday, October 4 · 4:00pm – 6:00pm

Where: Prince George’s Room, on the first floor of the Stamp Student Union, UMD

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Disorientation Guide 2011

THE DISORIENTATION GUIDE 2011 IS HERE.  A zine about many of the activist groups at UMD, a guide to Radical Rush events, and awesome info on dumpster diving, gender-neutral bathrooms, fixing flat tires and more.

Click here to download a copy of the zine (and here for the printable version).

Disorientation Guide 2011 cover page with Testudo

UMD and Alta Gracia Workers’ Panel, Sept 19

Listen to UMD workers and Alta Gracia workers talk about their experiences struggling for basic humane treatment at their jobs.  The panel, sponsored by the Black Student Union, will show parallels between the fight on the UMD campus and in the Dominican Republic for workers’ rights.

UMD workers have been facing serious sexual abuse, racial discrimination and verbal degradation for decades.  The movement to end the culture of fear can be followed at JusticeatMaryland.com.

Alta Gracia workers have successfully created one of the first living wage factories in the Dominican Republic after facing scare tactics and intense intimidation from their managers.  More on their story can be found here.

When: Monday, September 19, 6:00pm

Where: Nyumburu Multi-Purpose Room, UMD

UMD Workers’ Solidarity Forum July 15

This is among the most important events of the summer.  Workers at the University of Maryland will be having a rally and speak-out against abuses on campus, some bad enough to prompt comparisons to a “Nazi camp” and a “plantation”.

Click here to see the Workers’ Rights Report, which includes news articles, demands, and info on past forums.

Click here for the facebook event.

When: Friday, July 15, 7:00-8:00pm

Where: Nyumburu Cultural Center, University of Maryland