Help The UMD 2015-16 Disorientation Guide Become a Reality


Please support our project to publish and print the 2015-16 UMD Disorientation Guide. This zine holds the keys to information about our campus and our communities that university-directed orientations don’t want students to see. Help students get the information that really counts by making a small contribution or sharing our fundraising link with friends. All $$$ collected will go to printing costs for the guide which will be handed out free!

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Presenting the 2014-15 UMD Disorientation Guide! (color-print version)

Now presenting . . . (drum roll ….wait, drum roll! not “drum circle”) THE 2014-15 UMD Disorientation Guide!

This year’s Guide is the product of the work of dozens of students, workers, activists, artists, writers, poets, collaborators, comrades, and friends – from the University of Maryland and beyond – organized by RadicalRush and students in Co-op Housing University of Maryland, with support of dozens more mentors, housemates, friends, and family.

An extended online version with more articles and original content is coming soon! THANKS SO MUCH to all the people that made this possible and to every contributor who sent content, ideas, love, and support to make this zine great!

Disorientation Guide Cover by Savannah Staubs, 2014

Disorientation Guide Cover by Savannah Staubs, 2014

Click on the image above or click here to read our zine! 2014-15 UMD Disorientation Guide (Color – Print Version) #disorient2K14

Shout-out to all of our amazing people who made donations: Abishek Gopal, Avid Antonelli, Charles Imwold, Cici Bisogno, Corey Rennolds, Tim Dawson, and our anonymous contributors as well! Immortals will appear in the upcoming extended version online guide! 😀
If you would like to contribute to help us print hard-copy zines for incoming students at the First Look Fair or make future disorientation guides possible, please click on our link and make a donation. We have neat personalized prizes for donators too! Have a radical year! – UMD Radical Rush and Disorientation Guide

American University CASJ ~ Radical Rush Week

American University CASJ ~ Radical Rush Week

An events list for Community Action and Social Justice (CASJ) Coalition’s Radical Rush week, Thursday March 27th – Thursday April 3rd at American University. 7 Days of workshops on radical organizing, intersection of struggle, awareness, and anti-oppression.

The Drug War & The Environment, Monday 7pm

The War on Drugs affects more than just people and the economy — it affects the earth. This moving and informational presentation will bring to light the far-reaching negative consequences the Drug War has on the environment, not just in places of prohibition, but in countries far away. Innocent farmers’ crops are destroyed, livelihoods are ruined, and the natural beauty of the land is lost as a result of ridiculous policies.

Our featured speaker will be Sanho Tree, director of the Drug Policy Project at the Institute for Policy Studies. Mr. Tree is an expert on the topic, and we highly encourage you to come to this event and to bring friends, too.  Click here for more info.

When: Monday 9/24, 7:00pm

Where: Benjamin Banneker B Room, Stamp Student Union, UMD

The Drug War and the Environment flier

Screening of Nourish Food and Community, Wednesday 6pm

Join the Sustainable Food Working Group student members and Dining Services’ Sustainability and Wellness Coordinator for a screening of Nourish Food and Community at the North Campus Diner on Wed 9/19 at 6 pm. Pick up your dinner and join us in the back room for the movie and discussion about “the story of your food” and how to get involved in the Sustainable Food Working Group on campus.

See more information about the movie here:

Please contact Allison Lilly, Sustainability and Wellness Coordinator, at with any questions or concerns.

When: Wednesday 9/19, 6pm- 7:30pm

Where: North Campus Diner, UMD

Cover of Nourish Food and Community

Clean Energy at UMD: Fall Kick-Off Meeting, Monday 6pm

Come join Clean Energy at UMD for our Fall 2012 Kick-Off Meeting. We will be meeting on the rooftop garden, above south campus dining hall!

This meeting will consist of FREE FOOD, influential speakers in the Clean Energy movement, a chance to discuss what we hope to accomplish this semester, and what YOU would like to get involved with this semester!

We hope to see you all there! There is no level of knowledge necessary, just an interest in clean energy, and perhaps a passion to make a change!

Directions to the rooftop garden: If you are standing in front of South Campus Dining Hall, use the door to the left of the main entrance (you will enter into a yellow staircase). Take the stairs to the top, turn left and you should see the doors to the garden down the hall!  Click here for more info!
When: Monday, 9/17, 6:0opm
Where: Rooftop Garden, South Campus Dining Hall, UMD

Clean Energy logo, turtle with solar panel, light bulb, water and windmill on it.

Rooftop Community Garden Friday Fresh-Up: Chalkboard Hanging and Pallet-Busting, Friday 5pm

South Campus RCG got a sweet 8′ long chalkboard at Terrapin Trader. Now we need to anchor it to the wall so that excellent group meeting notes and daydreamin doodle jams can happen.

We’ve also got lots of reclaimed wooden pallets that need taking apart to refresh our store of wood for construction projects.

As always, you can prune, plant, clean, paint, dance, and lounge in the hammocks.

Tunes provided, snacks welcomed.

Never volunteered before? No worries! Wear something you don’t mind getting painted or dirty.  Click here for more info!

When: Friday 9/14, 5:00pm- 7:00pm

Where: 3114 South Campus Dining Hall, University of Maryland

Little kid drawing on large chalkboard.