Help The UMD 2015-16 Disorientation Guide Become a Reality


Please support our project to publish and print the 2015-16 UMD Disorientation Guide. This zine holds the keys to information about our campus and our communities that university-directed orientations don’t want students to see. Help students get the information that really counts by making a small contribution or sharing our fundraising link with friends. All $$$ collected will go to printing costs for the guide which will be handed out free!

2015-16 UMD Disorientation Guide Indiegogo

UMD AASU Presents – FUEL The Legacy: The Life and Activism of Yuri Kochiyama

The Asian American Student Union is proud to present FUEL The Legacy!

The conference will be held on Saturday, November 8th from 9am to 4pm in the Atrium in the Stamp Student Union. This year’s theme is commemorating the life and activism of Yuri Kochiyama. FUEL aims to educate and develop leadership among UMD’s Asian American Pacific Islander community. We will have open discussions about the problems of pervasive racism and patriarchy. We will also highlight the achievements of Black and Asian solidarity, of intersectional feminism, and of effective campaigning and organizing.


FUEL Legacy Flyer for Fall 2014

The official FUEL the Legacy web site is now live! Visit to register!
View the program line-up, speaker bios, and events here! FUEL Legacy 2014
Check out the Facebook event for any updates:
If you have any questions, please contact AASU’s co-Vice Presidents of Advocacy:
Andrew Mayton:
Kalyn Cai:

Closing University of Maryland’s Art Library – Teachers, Students Petition to Stop It!

“Captain! UMD is closing the Art Library! What should we do?!”

“Engage maximum snark!”

Surprise! Surprise. The University of Maryland is being neo-liberal again. In their drive to make College Park the model commodified-liberal-consumerist campus, our glorious all-powerful campus leaders are now closing the Art Library without so much as consulting the Department of Art, the Department of Art History and Archeology, or the campus community at large.

“We don’t have enough money to keep it open” they say, yet is this really the case? President Loh recently sent the terp community an email regarding UMD’s single largest donation ever  – $40 million! We also learned of plans to build a $140 million dollar state-of-the-art education and innovation center with this money – where the other $100 million is coming from is still unclear. While this is a huge and generous gift, and that’s really awesome, wouldn’t it be nice if the university spent $100 million on lowering tuition and making education more accessible? or wouldn’t be nice if even a fraction of this kind of money was spent raising campus workers’ and adjunct professors’ wages and benefits?

Isn’t it funny that at the same time high-tech $100+ million buildings associated with computer science, entrepreneurship, technology and innovation, and national security, spring up maniacally all around campus, we have to close down Arts and Humanities facilities because we “don’t have enough money?”

The prioritization of profit over humanities, arts, and culture, means a campus with a lot of STEMs but no roots. Terrapins who want to keep art and culture alive at UMD are organizing to halt the closing of this awesome library.


The first step you can take to help save the Art Library is by signing the petition below.

The second step is to follow @SaveUMDArtLib on twitter for more information on the campaign. #SaveTheLibrary

Presenting the 2014-15 UMD Disorientation Guide! (color-print version)

Now presenting . . . (drum roll ….wait, drum roll! not “drum circle”) THE 2014-15 UMD Disorientation Guide!

This year’s Guide is the product of the work of dozens of students, workers, activists, artists, writers, poets, collaborators, comrades, and friends – from the University of Maryland and beyond – organized by RadicalRush and students in Co-op Housing University of Maryland, with support of dozens more mentors, housemates, friends, and family.

An extended online version with more articles and original content is coming soon! THANKS SO MUCH to all the people that made this possible and to every contributor who sent content, ideas, love, and support to make this zine great!

Disorientation Guide Cover by Savannah Staubs, 2014

Disorientation Guide Cover by Savannah Staubs, 2014

Click on the image above or click here to read our zine! 2014-15 UMD Disorientation Guide (Color – Print Version) #disorient2K14

Shout-out to all of our amazing people who made donations: Abishek Gopal, Avid Antonelli, Charles Imwold, Cici Bisogno, Corey Rennolds, Tim Dawson, and our anonymous contributors as well! Immortals will appear in the upcoming extended version online guide! 😀
If you would like to contribute to help us print hard-copy zines for incoming students at the First Look Fair or make future disorientation guides possible, please click on our link and make a donation. We have neat personalized prizes for donators too! Have a radical year! – UMD Radical Rush and Disorientation Guide

Association of Minority Future Educators – D.C. Books to Prisons Drive


AMFE - D.C. Books2Prisons

It’s time for spring cleaning!! Old books you haven’t read for years laying around your house?? Heavy dictionaries and textbooks taking up precious storage space? DONATE!

This April, AMFE is making a commitment to community-wide literacy by serving the community through a series of events. Please join us for our first annual April book drive!! All books donated will be delivered to the DC Books to Prisons Project.

The U.S. has less than five percent of the world’s population, yet more than 25 percent of the world’s prisoners. Nearly one percent of American adults are incarcerated; the highest rate in the world. However, many prisoners have little access to books or educational material. Usually, prisoners are not allowed to receive books from friends or family. While some prisons have libraries, many do not. Of prisons that do, access and selection can be extremely limited. Programs like Books to Prisions are one of the few options available to prisoners seeking books.

1. Drop the books off in the Nyumburu Cultural Center
2. Drop the books off in the Student Involvement Suite (Stamp Student Union)
3. Arrange a Pick-up by calling (301) 807-0788

Facebook Event Page:

Terpoets’ First Open Mic of the Semester, Tuesday 7:30pm

Come join us for our first open mic of the semester! Read some poetry, sing a song, play an instrument or tell a joke, all types of performance are welcome.

We can’t wait to hear all of UMD’s talented voices! Sign up to preform starts at 7, so get there early. See you there!  Click here for more info!

When: Tuesday 9/17, 7:30pm-9:30pm

Where: Dorchester Hall Basement, UMD

Terpoets flier

Disorientation Guide Kick-Off, Monday August 20

Every year the UMD social justice community creates a zine, the Disorientation Guide, about the different ways to get involved.  Come help your group be a part of this community!  Together we can outreach to new students and empower more people!

Click here for examples of other Disorientation Guides, and here for more information on the meeting, Monday at 5pm.

Cover of last year’s UMD Disorientation Guide, with picture of Testudo.

Radical Art-Making Workshop ft. Nadine Bloch, Nov 28

Tired of lackluster, low-energy protests?
Sick of the same old sign-holding and chanting?
Want to spice up your events with awesome art and political theater?

Feminism Without Borders is proud to present a RADICAL ART-MAKING WORKSHOP with NADINE BLOCH, a local DC activist who has been bringing her creative flair to all manner of social movements since the ’80s. To get a taste of her work, check out this photo gallery.

At the workshop, we will be learning the how-to of making all manner of radical art, from giant paper maché puppets to stencils for banners and signs. Beyond this, we will talk about how creativity, art, and culture can make protest actions powerful and effective in ways that resonate with activists and help build the capacity of movements.

Example of a protest puppet, an over-sized executive with $ in his eyes and green skin.

We will start off at 5pm in Jimenez 3203 to develop our art ‘toolkits’ and talk about how what we learn fits into broader organizing principles.

At 7pm, we will move to the Nyumburu Multipurpose Room to put what we learn into practice. We will have art-making supplies for everything from stencils and banners to costumes and puppets. We will be focusing on preparing art for an upcoming Justice at Maryland action, but the techniques we will be practicing should be useful for a wide range of student activist groups.  Click here for the facebook event!

When: Monday, November 28th 5:00- 8:30

Where: Jimenez 3203, then Nyumburu Multipurpose room (at 7:00), UMD

We Will Not Be Silent Concert, Nov 10

Rebel Diaz

UMD Students for Justice in Palestine, American Indian Student Union, Sneaker Cartel, African Students for Progressive Action Committee, Organization of Arab Students, Feminism Without Borders, and NORML present:

We Will Not Be Silent Concert!!!!!!!

This concert will be a night of performances featuring Rebel Diaz and Head-Roc along with local and student performers to showcase their works, music, and art to convey a message of social justice. This concert is based on a nation-wide movement where people are campaigning to declare their rights and stand up against any injustice.

Free parking in Lot 1.

Best of all, this concert is free!  Click here for the facebook event!

When: Thursday, November 10 · 8:00pm – 11:00pm

Where: University of Maryland, Stamp Student Union, Baltimore Room