One response to “Ferguson Solidarity Protests: “No Justice No Peace” at Malls and Subways

  1. RE: Mike Brown murder. — (police brutality)

    U.S. Government corrupt employees committing despotism, discrimination, fraud, kick-backs, nepotism, spying, targeting, stalking, violence, murder, un-Constitutional activities, etc. We must put a stop to all this out of control police (and other government employees) committing abuses, violence and criminal acts. Our president did good to get the Mike Brown investigation underway by our FBI and our U.S. Department of Justice in Aug. 2014. The Feds should be finishing the investigation and ready to tell us their conclusion soon.

    MIKE BROWN MURDER (scenario and ideas).

    Someone should check Mike’s shirt in the front area for Wilson’s DNA as if Wilson grabbed Mike’s shirt to pull Mike toward the car window with force.

    If Mike’s DNA was on Wilson’s gun, which is hard to believe; the confrontation at the car could have caused wiping against Mike’s body when Wilson was pointing the gun at Mike.

    When the first shot from Wilson’s gun from inside the car hit Mike; Mike’s blood should have splattered inside the car and should have splattered on Wilson’s hands and uniform. By Wilson washing his hands before an examination and photos taken is a cover-up deed.

    Evidence camera battery dead???? …and cops couldn’t take photos of the crime scene, etc.???? …Mike’s body laid in the middle of the street for four and half hours! They could have charged the battery’s camera in that length of time. AND do you want to tell us that no one carry’s a cell phone with a camera to take evidence photos of the crime scene? How many evidence cameras do they have on hand? Whose responsibility is it to keep this equipment in tip top shape? That cop should be fired for incompetent job performance. I smell fraudulent manipulation of evidence.

    Does Wilson wear eye contacts? If the confrontation at Wilson’s car was so violent and Wilson still had his eye contacts in; the confrontation story at the car is erroneous. The photos of Wilson’s injuries looks like a five year old child after they have been slapped! It’s laughable!

    Was Wilson wearing his seatbelt at the time when Wilson pulled his gun out of his holster? Wilson’s red mark injury on the back of neck probably came from the seatbelt. The cheek red mark injury probably came from the car door or from something inside the car and / or from bumping into an elbow (whereas Mike was trying to protect himself from Wilson’s aggressive violence and a gun pointed at him, afraid of getting shot).

    Was Wilson able to grab his mace instead of his gun during the confrontation at the car; and would grabbing his mace be easier to grab instead of his gun; (as his gun would have had to be pulled out of his holster in a sitting position)? … AND if Wilson is still wearing his seat belt while trying to pull his gun out of his holster; it would have been difficult.

    Was Mike’s body bleeding-out after the first shot?

    Did Mike have his hand over his wound trying to stop the bleeding while he was running away?

    Mike’s knees should have broken from his heavy weight if he fell to the ground from a standing position after the fatal shot. Mike’s arms were at his side neatly when his dead body was laying in the middle of the street. Would a fatal shot cause a body to fall forward from a standing position with the arms laying neatly parallel at the side of the body? Wouldn’t the arms be tangled and in an odd positions from falling dead into the road forward from a standing position?

    Wilson is inferior at shooting at his target at a distance; as he shot off twelve bullets and Mike is a large target and only seven bullets connected with Mike’s body. Wilson had to walk up to Mike to shoot the last two bullets into the head execution style.

    If Mike was bleeding out and was becoming weak and wobbly; it is common sense that Mike would have made the decision to kneel down on his knees with his hands up or one hand up if he wasn’t able to put up both hands up because of his gunshot injuries. While Mike was on his knees would have been a good head target if Wilson walked up to him to shoot execution style.

    Wilson shot twelve bullets; seven bullets connected with Mike’s body. Why didn’t any of Wilson’s bullets enter Mike’s abdomen? What part of Mike’s body was Wilson shooting at? Between Mike’s shoulders and his hips is a very large target area; and in spite of that not one bullet entered the abdomen area. Wilson never tried to shoot at Mike’s legs to stop Mike from running away, “why”? It seems that the shots that were located in the arm area were injuries when Mike had his hands up (as the arm wound would have been at the same height area as Mike’s head when his hands are up). So I theorize that all Wilson’s shots were intentionally aimed at Mike’s head throughout the twelve bullet shooting spree; which demonstrates that Wilson’s personality is a violent psychopath killer variety.

    Dorian Johnson said that when Mike and he ran, he then took cover behind a car that stopped. Who was in that car; and are they one of the witnesses?

    There must be many videos showing Wilson’s aggressive behavior when he answered previous emergency calls. One news network showed a short clip about four weeks ago. I found that video (see below here). His behavior is very authoritative and aggressive in the video. The parody demeanor of Wilson in the ABC interview is totally false. Wilson change is voice expression and also change his hard tuff guy short hair cut appearance by growing his hair to look more gentle, weak, and considerate. I guess Wilson was trying to look like a five year old. It is obvious that he rehearsed with his attorney over and over to get this false character temperament defined. Someone should investigate the reasons surrounding Wilson’s divorce; and why he left the other job, etc. (was there past control freak abuses and violence etc.). Plus you must find witnesses that have had interactions with Wilson in the past; there are more victims besides just Mike. See video here…

    Video I found on YouTube – “NEW Darren Wilson RAW VIDEO”:

    Wilson most definitely is an obsessive neurotic ego tripping violent psychopath control freak with compulsive lying behavior. The ABC interview proves this behavior.

    If Wilson was in so much fear for his life; why didn’t he stay in his car and wait until back-up arrived? Giving us as an excuse that it is his job to chase down an unarmed cigar shoplifter with his gun blasting twelve shots at a human head doesn’t make a believable story. Wilson’s story proves that he is incompetent and unqualified for the job; and should have never been hired. If all potential people applying for police jobs; and an “investigative committee” were to put each applicant through my screening process; we might get a quality police squad (and fewer events as like Mike’s uncompassionate murder committed by this violent psychopath cop Wilson).

    Many videos of the Mike Brown murder; this is one of them —
    Mike Brown laying in the street YouTube video (play it slow 0.5 speed to hear voices):

    Grand jury is nothing more but an English concoction that served England’s purposes and rationale before the Declaration of Independence and the Revolutionary War; so that the English could get away with beheading their political enemies, and not have the political outcry from the people. The grand jury does not represent our U.S. Constitution, as the grand jury is a secret court behind closed doors and not an open court venue for the public to attend. It is also a corrupt deception arena where government employees create false crimes against people with Stings and paid lying snitches (of which, snitches are criminals themselves free to walk our streets). Remember that law-enforcement uses your taxpayer dollars for Stings, and that they wave your hard earned tax dollars at people encouraging them to commit a crime. Grand juries are an unfair justice apparatus and a contradiction for appropriateness. Plus there is no jury selection examination process (questioning by both attorneys representing both sides of the criminal issue involved to make sure that there is fair unbiased justice). It is obvious to all of us that this whole Mike Brown murder case heard by the grand jury was manipulated by everyone involved. We should get rid of the grand jury; and our U.S. congress should create a law making grand juries illegal. …and our U.S. congress should also create a law making stings illegal.
    …Otherwise, all grand juries should be made up with twelve unbiased private attorneys so there is a proper questioning of witnesses and decision. The grand jury that heard the Mike Brown case was not examined for bigotry or other bias characteristic personalities. How can anyone get justice from this kind of corrupt non-sense?

    Our U.S. congress should also create a law that no government employee at the federal level, State level, local level, whether elected, appointed or hired can demand an individual to turn off their camera at anytime during any event.

    Ferguson Missouri and all the other State and Local police should not have surplus military uniforms, gear, vehicles and weapons of WAR. We have the National Guard for any major event. The police should not be play acting war soldier fantasies. They also should not be hiding their identity from the public in any way, shape or form. Retrieve all those violent unsafe military equipment and send that military war gear to the Ukraine.

    We have too many uneducated corrupt violent psychopaths working in police departments across the U.S. They conduct profiling, racial bigotry, cultural bigotry, fashion bigotry, sexual bigotry, religious bigotry, political affiliation bigotry, socioeconomic status bigotry, etc. …and many use their job for nepotism and criminal activities. They think that they are member of a fraternity / brotherhood where they cover each other’s ass if some criminal issue comes up before them. They also think that they could never get fire for any wrongdoing as they are the intimidation monster strutting their egos around the community and everyone fears them. I feel a rude awakening is coming their way in the near future.

    My screening process idea — before potential police applicants are hired and before they can enlist into the police academy training school; their personalities, their past behavior and health fitness should be tested and investigated by a thirty person panel “investigative committee” for:
    Psychopath tendencies.
    Compulsive lying tendencies.
    Violent authoritative responsiveness.
    Obsessive neurotic ego behavior.
    Anxious eager behavior.
    Drugs and alcohol abuse (and any other abuses); and should be drug tested often.
    Prejudiced thoughts.
    Manners – socially acceptable and respectful etiquette.
    Communication skills.
    Criminal background check.
    Physical fit to perform the job / complete physical health checkup by a doctor — all police applicants must have the ability physically to perform the job (no overweight out-of-shape persons; and all police must have a physical fitness test twice annually; and if they fail the physical test, they must be fired). The twice annual physical fitness test includes and not limited to: eyes checked, hearing checked, heart checked, weight cataloged, 2-mile run, 70 push-ups in 2 minutes, 70 sit-ups in 2 minutes and shooting accuracy test etc.

    All police should also have a “real” four year college degree (too many police have no common sense and irrational thought processes; and not intelligent enough to deal with the public). The police have to understand that their job falls under “hospitality security services” when dealing with the public; and police must carry the demeanor, respect and communication skills as to not to create a confrontation (and / or to cause a worse situation as you are trying break up or subdue an issue between citizens arguing and / or physically fighting, etc.
    …bus drivers daily interact with thousands of individual personalities, (some of them drunk and abusive), with minimal frenzy because they realize their job falls under “hospitality” providing a service for the public. They don’t create problems and confrontations by using bad manners, bad etiquette and / or unacceptable attitude and offensive or bigoted words in their communications with the public. Police that are rookies should spend their first two years in full uniform on the job riding the public buses to get used to dealing with the many personalities of the public; whereby the public can summit a complement rating card on the rookie to the thirty person panel “investigative committee” for review.

    All police should have excellent marksmanship shooting at a bull’s-eye target (police should not be allow to have machine guns that spray bullets aimlessly). Just because the bad guys have machine guns that spray bullets without direction; doesn’t give the police an excuse to use the same. Police should not use their gun for offense intent. All guns that police use on the job must be police dept. issue. No police officer should be using their own gun for the job. We should actually take away the guns from the cops and give them tranquilizer guns. Tranquilizer guns are more effective. There is no reason whatsoever to murder another human being with what all the technology we have available to subdue someone. — tranquilizer guns, Mace / Pepper Sprays, tasers, etc. etc.

    All police departments should have overall surveillance so their behavior can be watched at all times. All police should have the latest video and audio equipment on their person and in their vehicles facing four directions (to record any and all events); so there are no discrepancies, wrong doing and cover-ups; and all this data as it is recorded live should be collected by the U.S. Department of Justice, civil rights division security surveillance dept. (this department should be set up right away by the Feds). All this video and audio equipment must be rigged with an inability to be turned off by any police.

    All police should have their identity clearly shown pinned on their uniform; and never covered up any way shape or form (and they should be carrying a business card with their picture, precinct information address and phone). No police should be wearing camouflage and / or military fatigues at anytime; nor should they deliberately cover their face with those 3-Hole Camo Face Masks to hide their identity like a terrorist.

    We the People must fire all taxpayer police at the State and local level as these police fraternities are all corrupt. All future police should be provided by private contractors. Private contractors would be under an inflexible provision contract. The private contractors would be liable for any injuries to citizens and / or lawsuits (whereas lawsuits would be against the private contractor only). Because private contractors will be liable for any payouts on lawsuits against them; private contractors would have superior integrity and reliability; and would fire anyone to protect their integrity and financial stability. You would setup a thirty person panel “investigative committees” (taxpayer funded for each local) to oversee and to investigate any wrongdoing, misconduct, illegal behavior, contract dishonor committed by the private contractors and their employees. Each town and / or city will hire their own private contractor police. No “one” private contractor can control and create a monopoly in any “one” State (there must be many private contractors within each State to stop a monopoly cartel). Private contractors would get the work through a bidding process; and it would be a five year term with renewal extension review; whereas they would come up for review every five years before the “investigative committees” of each town and/ or city. No unions would be allowed. No fraternity clubs would be allowed. The inflexible provision contract will spell out in detail all security needs and the requirements surrounding hiring qualified individuals. Also including in the inflexible provision contract would describe the full health benefits for all employees of the private contractor that the private contractor must provide. Each applicant applying to work for the private contractor must go through the “investigative committees” hiring screening procedures for approval, etc. — (before potential police applicants are hired and before they can enlist into the police academy training school; their personalities, their past behavior, their health and fitness would be tested and investigated by the thirty person panel “investigative committee”). The thirty person panel “investigative committee” will oversee the police academy training school and the training taught and the conduct therein. The taxpayer funded thirty person panel “investigative committee” individual positions for each local would be elected; each individual — four year term / two term existence and alternating fifteen persons every two election years similar to our U.S congress election cycle; and the thirty person panel would be made of people representing race symbolizing the percentage of the residents living therein. The only qualification to run for the thirty person panel “investigative committee” is that you have to be over twenty-five years of age; and stand for the people representing that race symbolizing that percentage in the community (each local will have different math calculations for their area).

    Police should not have a mentality of a judge, jury and executioner. The people of the United States shouldn’t be paying for all this incompetent ineffectual psychopath security.

    Anyone that kills another human being should be arrested, jailed and go through the normal legal process that is required. Just because you are a government employee (police) doesn’t afford you amnesty from the legal accountability. The police officer that murdered Mike Brown in Ferguson Missouri should be sitting in jail (Federal jail) during the investigation.

    There should be a Federal law that at any time a cop kills someone during an incident; that cop should be arrested immediately and sit in a Federal jail during the investigation; and the Federal government, FBI and the U.S. Department of Justice should investigate; and an independent special prosecutor appointed for the case. Violent cops have been getting away with murder for years and it’s got to stop.

    Now we have another saddening event by two crazy unintelligent cops in Cleveland; … “a black boy twelve years of age carrying a fake gun (toy gun)”. These out of control crazy cops tells us that they gave orders to the boy and the boy did not obey their demands. Well, what if this boy was deaf or was retarded? These incompetent cops should be jailed and tried. They should have never been hired in the first place.

    Do not violate the protesters civil rights of Freedom of Speech – Patrolman Ron Johnson in Ferguson Missouri back is Aug. 2014 tells the protesters … “allowed” to speak … “allowed” to be heard. This is the communist elevated ego mentality of government employees; and the taxpayer is paying for all this. Let’s remind ourselves that We the People do not need a government employee’s permission to express ourselves. Always recognize the words that these police use when they speak; you will learn and discover their real abusive personality and behavior.

    Protests are bringing everyone together and to share ideas to figure out how to fix this violent / corrupt mess. I hope Mike Brown’s spirit is looking upon us and giving us some help from the spirit world to get justice for him and all the other victims of police brutality; and to get the elected to make the necessary laws to restrain, reprimand and punish the out of control police.

    It is the politicians that created this mess and we need to vote them out if they cannot fix what they have created; and arrest and put on trial any government employees that committed abuses, cover-ups, manipulation, bigotry, fraud, kick-backs, nepotism, spying, targeting, stalking, violence, murder, despotism, un-Constitutional activities, etc.

    Oppression is “mad as hell and we are not going to take it any more” …
    Government employee intrusion, targeting, stalking, violence, corruption, etc. against Americans is everywhere in the USA. An individual does not have choices anymore, as their choices are limited by the U.S. government employees and their tyranny regulations. They are using the courts for extortion (affecting the poor severely financially). The elected that are meant to protect this nation’s Freedoms; have instead destroyed our Freedoms; they have regulated and taxed us to death to the point that the oppression in this country is in the anger phase.
    Policy is not law.
    Opinion is not law.
    Politics is not law.
    Our U.S. Constitution and the freedoms that it protects is the law of this land, period.

    U.S. Government employees at the federal level, State level, local level, whether elected, appointed or hired must cherish and abide our U.S. Constitution and the freedoms that it protects 100% percent. Any government employee that presents an exempt to tread heavily on any freedom must be punished.

    I will close with my freedom expression:

    “Avow Liberty throughout; from corner to corner, universally, unanimously, across the world; our world with one future, FREEDOM!”

    “Conscious freedom brings physical peace!”

    Steve Reich – Megamix – Mike Kandel Tranquility Bass Remix:

    Look Beyond the Stars for Spiritual Guidance…

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