STUDENT DEMONSTRATION FRIDAY April 25! – University of Maryland College Park


STUDENT DEMONSTRATION FRIDAY April 25! - University of Maryland College Park

Rally for a Debt Free Future  – Friday April 25th at UMD College Park Administration Bldg.

Students will be gathering tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. in front of the Administration Building (across the mall from McKeldin Library) to demand President Loh’s public support of a 3-year tuition freeze and the disclosure of the contract between Capital One Financial Corporation and the University of Maryland.

This action is being held in concert with various chapters of the Student Labor Action Project “SLAP” across the country. Some are pressuring their local Department of Education, some are confronting State officials, while others are challenging their campus administrations like we here at UMD.

University System of Maryland (USM) tuition for the coming academic year has been increased by the Maryland General Assembly by 3%. This 3% tuition hike is equivalent to an extra $275 for in-state tuition and an extra $850 for out-of-state tuition. However, these numbers hide the more insidious part; the fact that 3% annual tuition hikes have become a norm at this school, and a baseline at most public universities across the nation. Given 3% tuition hikes every year, an incoming freshman can expect to pay an EXTRA $850 in in-state tuition by their senior year! A freshman paying out-of-state tuition can expect to pay $2628 EXTRA by their senior year. In comparison, inflation in the US over the past few years has averaged at about 1.5%. It is obvious that budgets are being balanced disproportionately on the backs of students, and we cannot allow this to happen. A tuition freeze is the best short-term solution to this exploitative practice, and we want President Loh to publicly support us in our campaign.


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