Vida y espacio en La Habana contemporanea- Cuban documentary presentation, Tuesday 12pm

This documentary deals with life in one of the “solares,” or public housing units, in Havana. These are typically old apartment buildings, or in this case, former slave quarters and horse stables, that over the years have been added onto and adapted for multi-family living quarters. The solares in Cuba are overcrowded, poor and in many instances violent places where many generations of the same families live practically stacked upon each other with very limited access to services or appliances that we associate with “modernity.”

Two young documentarians, studying at the highly selective Instituto Superior de Arte, produced a film that, while not directly and openly critical of the government, is quite critical of living conditions in Cuba – and they have been given permission by the Cuban government to come to Washington, DC, to show it. This film opens up a wider discussion with students about changes in Cuba; how conditions in Cuba compare with conditions in the other countries in Latin America and the Caribbean; U.S. relations with Cuba, and more!

Sponsored by AU/UMD Cuba program. Click here for more info!

Talk will be in Spanish.

When: Tuesday 9/17, 12:00pm-1:30pm
Where: 2120 Francis Scott Key (Merrill Room), UMD

Map of Cuba


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