Clean Energy at UMD: Fall Kick-Off Meeting, Monday 6pm

Come join Clean Energy at UMD for our Fall 2012 Kick-Off Meeting. We will be meeting on the rooftop garden, above south campus dining hall!

This meeting will consist of FREE FOOD, influential speakers in the Clean Energy movement, a chance to discuss what we hope to accomplish this semester, and what YOU would like to get involved with this semester!

We hope to see you all there! There is no level of knowledge necessary, just an interest in clean energy, and perhaps a passion to make a change!

Directions to the rooftop garden: If you are standing in front of South Campus Dining Hall, use the door to the left of the main entrance (you will enter into a yellow staircase). Take the stairs to the top, turn left and you should see the doors to the garden down the hall!  Click here for more info!
When: Monday, 9/17, 6:0opm
Where: Rooftop Garden, South Campus Dining Hall, UMD

Clean Energy logo, turtle with solar panel, light bulb, water and windmill on it.


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