Work Smart, Play Hard: UMDCSA Fall 2012 Study Hall, Tuesday 7pm

Work smart, not hard!!

With the newly implemented +/- system at the University, we hard working, invested scholars will undoubtedly need to go several extra miles to secure those A+’s this year.

The Caribbean Students Association will be having bi-monthly study hall sessions, to provide an academic environment, in which students can productively study, complete assignments, and receive extra help from their peers.

This is not a social hour, so we ask that you come with a sound, focused academic mind.

For the Fall 2012 semester, the schedule is as follows:

• Tuesday, 9.11.2012 Jimenez Hall 2206

• Tuesday, 9.25.2012 Jimenez Hall 2206

• Tuesday, 10.09.2012 Jimenez Hall 2206

• Tuesday, 10.30.2012 Jimenez Hall 2206

• Tuesday, 11.13.2012 Jimenez Hall 2206

• Tuesday, 11.27.2012 Jimenez Hall 2206

• Tuesday, 12.04.2012 Jimenez Hall 2206

Flier for the UMD Caribbean Student Association’s fall study halls.


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