Know Your Rights, first Black Male Initiative event of the semester, Tuesday 7pm

Join us for this semester’s first BMI meeting on Know Your Rights!

We live in a country where “every 36 hours a black woman, man or child is killed by police or security guards and self-appointed law enforcers.” (MXGM, July 2012) Given this alarming state of police brutality and mass incarceration in the US’s extremely racist criminal (in)justice system, it’s crucial for us to understand and educate our communities about how to avoid being victims of this oppressive system.

This program is open to all brothers, anywhere and everywhere, especially those in the DC Metropolitan Area. DINNER WILL BE SERVED.

Black Male Initiative flier.

About BMI:

The Black Male Initiative (BMI) Program is dedicated to the establishment of brotherhood, scholarship, and retention of black males at the University of Maryland. BMI has a commitment to impact the campus and wider communities through collective activism and leadership that promotes the uplifting and empowerment of Black men.

One of the ideals within the leadership of BMI is that no leader can be truly effective if he is not well informed about the critical issues which affect his community. We make it a point to inform all of the members of BMI about those critical issues which affect so many of our communities, both on and off-campus.

Our leadership is in no way, shape, form, or fashion rooted in incessant discussions about the aforementioned issues. We candidly discuss issues and create productive solutions to them in which our members can actively work towards improving. Our leadership is geared towards activism which is rooted in strengthening and improving our communites!

BMI Facilitators: Dr. Ronald Zeigler ( and Mr. Solomon Comissiong (  Click here for more information.

When: Tuesday, 9/11, 7:00pm- 9:00pm
Where: Nyumburu Cultural Center, UMD

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