Awesome article on avoiding burnout

Sadly, such adaptation to a debilitating work culture is made easier because those doing the adapting are already predisposed by their backgrounds, families, personalities and temperaments to be self-sacrificial. Too many leaders and organizers are already inclined to view constant conflict and crisis as normal, to readily shoulder feelings of omnipotent responsibility, and to be self-sacrificing martyrs for the “cause.”

Social reality, organizational structure and culture, and individual psychology all come to mirror each other, making burnout, now experienced as normal, extremely difficult to change. Self-care — mindful and compassionate attention paid to one’s own health and well-being — becomes the outlier, the exception to the rule, and can even be viewed as disloyal. Everyone suffers as a result.

– Being Progressive Shouldn’t Be Hazardous to Your Health: Here’s How to Avoid Our Culture of Overwork, by Michael Bader

Click here for the rest of the article!


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