Terps for Change Volunteer Applications

Terps for Change is a Stamp-based organization dedicated to integrating University of Maryland students into PG County / DC area non-profits and service initiatives.  We are committed to connecting the university with the local community through sustained, collaborative, and meaningful community service-learning.  By exploring the root causes through critical reflection and meaningful dialogue, we seek to better understand the systemic complexities of social issues and the actions we can take to address them. This is a semester-long program, and many students return multiple times.  Each semester our roster holds between 60 and 110 students.  This year we have eight distinct community partners, covering a range of social and civic issues: youth education, bilingual tutoring, environmental preservation, urban agriculture, immigrant training, hunger, and homelessness.  All of the sites are in either PG County or Washington, DC, our local community.

We like to think we create agents of positive social change. Our applications for the semester are available now. The priority deadline will be on Wednesday but our official one is on September 7th.  If you are interested in applying or simply receiving more information you can email us at terpsforchange@umd.edu, or call us at (301)-314-2273.

Click here for the Terps for Change website or here for the application!


Terps for Change logo


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