Pride Alliance Fall Semester Retreat, Tuesday 10am

As a welcome back event, we are hosting a retreat before classes start to assemble ideas and perspectives for what we are going to focus on for next semester. This will consist of proper introductions, a discussion of our constitution and mission statement, reintroducing our plans and actions, as well as an event planning scenario. This event is MANDATORY if possible for all Executive Board Members and is OPEN to the public to attend. As an organization focused on helping the needs of the campus LGBT community it is important to voice your ideas and contribute to making this campus and the greater community a better and more inclusive place. This event provides a safe space and a venue on which you can voice your opinions and ideas towards improving and fortifying our organization. There may be light refreshments. Click here for more info.

When: Tuesday 8/28, 10:00am- 2:00pm
Where: Charles Carroll Room (2203K Stamp Student Union), University of Maryland College Park

Text “Got Pride?” with rainbow underneath.


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