Genderqueer DC, Tuesday 7:00pm

Genderqueer DC will have its first meeting on August 21st. We’ll use this time to discuss what potential members would like to get out of this group, and to brainstorm ideas for future meeting topics. GQ DC will focus on members’ personal experiences with identifying and living as genderqueer, bigender, agender, genderfluid, and otherwise outside of the gender binary, but allies are also welcome to attend this first meeting.  Click here for more info!

When: Tuesday 8/21 7:00pm- 9:00pm

Where: The DC Center 1318 U St NW, Washington DC

The genderqueer flag. Lavender stripe across top to represent androgyny (mix of blue and pink) and queer; white stripe to represent agender identity; and dark green stripe to represent the inverse of the lavender, the ‘third gender’ defined apart from the binary.


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