Radical Art-Making Workshop ft. Nadine Bloch, Nov 28

Tired of lackluster, low-energy protests?
Sick of the same old sign-holding and chanting?
Want to spice up your events with awesome art and political theater?

Feminism Without Borders is proud to present a RADICAL ART-MAKING WORKSHOP with NADINE BLOCH, a local DC activist who has been bringing her creative flair to all manner of social movements since the ’80s. To get a taste of her work, check out this photo gallery.

At the workshop, we will be learning the how-to of making all manner of radical art, from giant paper maché puppets to stencils for banners and signs. Beyond this, we will talk about how creativity, art, and culture can make protest actions powerful and effective in ways that resonate with activists and help build the capacity of movements.

Example of a protest puppet, an over-sized executive with $ in his eyes and green skin.

We will start off at 5pm in Jimenez 3203 to develop our art ‘toolkits’ and talk about how what we learn fits into broader organizing principles.

At 7pm, we will move to the Nyumburu Multipurpose Room to put what we learn into practice. We will have art-making supplies for everything from stencils and banners to costumes and puppets. We will be focusing on preparing art for an upcoming Justice at Maryland action, but the techniques we will be practicing should be useful for a wide range of student activist groups.  Click here for the facebook event!

When: Monday, November 28th 5:00- 8:30

Where: Jimenez 3203, then Nyumburu Multipurpose room (at 7:00), UMD


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