Drug War: MYTHBUSTED, Nov 14

This coming Monday, Students for a Sensible Drug Policy will be co-sponsoring a myth-busting event with the UMD Society of Inquiry! We’ll be busting common myths and urban legends about drugs and the drug war. Send any “myths” (and any research, if it’s a myth you’ve already “busted”) to ssdpterps@gmail.com so that we can cover the topics YOU want to hear.

Also, we’re going to keep this as fun and as interactive as possible (you’ll see how). As always, feel free to bring friends!  Click here for the facebook event!

Dr. Kathy Vaughn – medical expert
Eric Sterling, President of the Criminal Justice Policy Foundation – legal expert
Society of Inquiry Representative – Source & Data Checker

Nick Rosenberg, Treasurer of UMD SSDP

When: Monday, November 14 · 7:00pm – 10:00pm

Where: Benjamin Banneker B, Stamp Student Union, UMD

Drug War: Mythbusted flier


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