Slavery beyond the chains, Nov 7

This Monday, African Students Progressive Action Committee (ASPAC), are going to discuss how slavery and colonization have crippled Africa and distorted the minds of the African diaspora and how it continues to oppress us to this day.

Important issues that affect the African diaspora
– Africans denying their identities
Fake hair, fake names, color contacts and generally ashamed of being African
-Lack of Solidarity amongst black people
– The “N” Word
– Black people’s reluctance to hold wrong-doing blacks accountable
-Black people’s preoccupation with materialism and the lack of emphasis on education
-Lack of relevant black leaders

In order for us to fix Africa, we first need to resolve our own domestic issues.

Please come in with respectful attitudes and do not interrupt your peers.  Click here for the facebook event!

When: Monday, November 7 · 7:00pm – 8:00pm

Where: Art Socy 3203, UMD

Africa with fist of power


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