Stand with Hotel Workers, Nov 3

Join a picket line to support workers at the Sheraton Crystal City hotel who are demanding a fair process of deciding about unionization. For more info:

Throughout the US and Canada, hotel workers have been organizing to demand respect and better treatment. In an industry that delivers high luxury to its guests, workers struggle to make ends meet. They work long hours performing jobs that tax their health, even while many are unable to afford health plans offered to them. And when they organize collectively, workers are often confronted with sophisticated campaigns of coercion and litigation, designed to deter them from having a say in the decisions that affect them.

Workers at one company in particular – HEI Hotels & Resorts – are standing up right now to demand the respect they deserve. They have called on their employer to adopt a fair processthat allows them to decide whether to have a union in an environment free of these sorts of anti-worker tactics. Thus far, HEI has denied their requests.

HEI workers on a picket line

When: Thursday, November 3, 4:15pm

Where:Sheraton Crystal City Hotel

Corner of S. Eads St and 18th St. in Arlington, VA

Crystal City Metro (blue/yellow line)


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