March in Solidarity with Occupy Oakland Against Police Brutality, Nov 2

Join OccupyDC on Wednesday, November 2nd at 4 pm to march to the Department of Justice to demand justice for Occupy Oakland in the wake of horrific police brutality unleashed against hundreds of American citizens exercising their First Amendment right to peaceably assemble.

Why march?

MARCH because the police brutality unleashed on Occupy Oakland and in Occupy communities everywhere is unacceptable.

MARCH because we refuse to bear the burden of the economic crisis, while the banks and the financial firms that caused it get bailed out with over a trillion dollars of taxpayer money.

MARCH for an economy that prioritizes the needs of the 99%, not the greed and profit of the 1%.

MARCH to end corporate donation and fulfill the promise of true democracy in our world.

Bring your family, coworkers, and friends to McPherson Square (15th and K st NW) at 4 pm on Wednesday November 2nd to demand justice and an end to police brutality!  Click here for the facebook event!

When: Wednesday, November 2 · 4:00pm – 7:00pm

Where: From McPherson Square to the Department of Justice

Occupy protesters run from tear gas deployed by police at 14th Street and Broadway in Oakland, Calif., Tuesday. Darryl Bush/AP.

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