Students March to the Occupations, Oct 28

Friends, Allies, and Fellow Students:

Our world has recently seen some big changes during our lifetimes. The explosion of tuition and fees at institutions of higher learning, the tightening of student aid, and the spectre of a life in debt are the mere beginning. We have got to do better by ourselves, our children, and our world. And we’re starting to fight back.

Over the past few weeks, students from all over the country have been organizing themselves in alliance with local Occupy groups and we are no different here in Washington, D.C. Students from the University of Maryland at College Park, the George Washington University, Howard University, Georgetown University, American University, George Mason University, the University of the District of Columbia and the Community College of the District of Columbia have organized a JOINT ACTION for THIS FRIDAY, OCTOBER 28th.

We want to stand up against the enormous profit extracted from our labors as students and demand a change. We are planning a march against an organization that we all know can make the lives of millions of students and future workers better by adhering to justice. And Occupy DC has our backs: Sunday evening, they signed on to help us out with their wealth of resources and knowledge.

Student with hand-written "I am the 99%" sign

Campus contacts:

  • University of Maryland at College Park: Dennis Frostbutter,, (443) 624-4814
  • George Washington University: Samuel Nelson,, (757) 646-8036
  • Howard University: Corryn Freeman,, (443) 538-6615
  • Georgetown University: Gina Bull,, (845) 596-6512
  • American University: Mana Aliabadi,, (412) 680-1914
  • George Mason University: Jason von Kundra,, (202) 450-7181

Click on the facebook event for much more information!

When: Friday, October 28 · 3:00pm – 5:00pm

Where: McPhereson Square (15th & K Streets NW DC); students from UMD can meet at the platform of CP metro at 2:00


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