The REAL History of Hip Hop, Oct 27

Have you ever wondered where Hip Hop came from? What contributed to its conception? What are Hip Hop’s cultural roots and where do some of them come from? What active role has the mainstream corporate media played in suppressing Hip Hop’s most progressive and radical voices? If these questions interest you, this event is definitely for you. This lecture will not only educate you about the roots of Hip Hop, it will educate you on the Mass Media and on African/Black History.

Solomon Comissiong, lecturer and book author on Hip Hop Culture at the University of Maryland, Assistant Director for the Nyumburu Cultural Center, and President of SCMB Educational Consulting will be joining us to give his multimedia and interactive lecture “The Often Untold History of Hip Hop History.” Don’t miss this opportunity to discover the Real History of Hip Hop with Black Honors Caucus this Thursday (October 27, 2011) at 6 in the Anne Arundel Hall basement lounge. For More information contact: Rochelle Samuel at:

When: Thursday, October 27, 6:00pm

Where: Anne Arundel Hall basement lounge, UMD

Man holding Black Panther newspaper reading "All power to the people"


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