Alta Gracia Campaign Training, Oct 25

Love school spirit? Hate sweatshops? Want to bring the only living-wage union-made apparel option in the college market to your bookstore in full force?

Students from United Students Against Sweatshops will share their expertise of how to win campaigns to get your University to increase orders of Alta Gracia – what worked, what didn’t, what to expect to hear from your bookstore, demystifying the bookstore industry and fun tactics, from Alta Gracia Birthday Parties to Working out for Worker’s Rights, to get the word out and win change in the apparel industry on campus!

Students from United Students Against Sweatshops with banners reading "Love Fashion, Hate Sweatshops" and "Support Alta Gracia"

Join this workshop along with students from campuses across the country by hopping online at go to meeting.

After downloading GoToMeeting for free, plug in the code/meeting ID 904-749-134. This program is like Skype meets Power Point – you can do audio with a headset Skype style, or call in over the phone, +1 (773) 897-3003, 904-749-134, and then an audio pin which we send when you call.

When: Tuesday, October 25 · 7:00pm – 8:00pm

Where: Online at


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