OccupyUMD: Third General Assembly, Oct 16

Occupy UMD has begun occupying McKeldin Mall!!  Come to the third General Assembly- check in and build the movement!  Click here for the facebook event.

When: Sunday, October 16 · 5:00pm – 7:00pm

Where: The Sundial, McKeldin Mall, UMD

The Sundial on McKeldin Mall at sunrise


One response to “OccupyUMD: Third General Assembly, Oct 16

  1. I think it is important to provide ideas and feelings about world issues; as I also feel that all of the 99% includes small and midsize businesses; and must come on board with support – Uphold individuals Freedoms and the “Free Enterprise / Market System”. …”Capitalism is not wasteful; Government is wasteful.” … “Freedom does not control anyone; Government controls everyone.” … “Freedom does not extort money from the people; Government extorts money from the 99%.”

    “Occupy WORLD FREEDOM” …FREEDOM is the demand, absolutely.

    Avow Liberty throughout; from corner to corner, universally, unanimously, across the world; our world with one future, FREEDOM!

    Pastor Martin Niemöller (1892–1984) quote:
    First they came for the communists, and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a communist. …
    Then they came for the trade unionists, and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a trade unionist. …
    Then they came for the Jews, and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a Jew. …
    Then they came for me, and there was no one left to speak out for me.
    …I thought this quote is appropriate for the time that we all waited until our oppressive emotions became so overwhelming.

    My grandfather Fred H. Vahlsing Sr. built a food empire in 1908 with a six grade education and no money.
    Freedom was his ally.


    My letter to Mayor Bloomberg of New York City

    “We must not look at goblin men, we must not buy their fruits: Who knows upon what soil they fed their hungry thirsty roots?” …

    Mayor Bloomberg …the people of NYC has term limits. Do you just ignore the people overall? Or do you just discriminate randomly. Why are you not in support of “Freedom”? This is the United States. Our law is the Declaration of Independence (the most important document); our U.S. Constitution and our Bill of Rights. Why do you hire comi-cops (that are showing us all) that they are violent psychopath terrorists; and are breaking the laws contained in our three documents. It is not your job, nor the comi-cops job to violate our three documents. Is it that government employees are worried about protests, strikes, walkouts, work stoppage, boycotts, taking occupation of parks and government buildings, etc… as these government employees do not want to lose their comfy jobs and their take home bloated paychecks (money amounts far beyond what they deserve)? It is evident that government is not controlled “by the people, for the people”; and that our Federal, State and Local governments need a complete cleaning out. Oppression and government corruption is everywhere in the USA. An individual does not have choices anymore, as their choices are limited by the U.S. governments. The elected have destroyed our Freedoms; and have taxed us to death to the point that the oppression in this country is in the anger phase. So Mayor, what is the game plan? You are in non-compliance to “We the People”. You appear to all of us that your reason for continuing to be Mayor is for self-interest activity and to make comfortable your greedy associates. “Greed is always hungry.” So Mayor, how are you going to correct all your unconstitutional laws and ordinances? How are you going to correct all your tax scams? How are you going to gain the respect of “We the People”? I just don’t rant; I have ideas and solutions for all our governments — the Federal, the State and the Local. First we have to understand that the State and Local governments are the subsidies of the Federal; as these State and Local governments are given financial support from the Federal. I’ll share some ideas with you here; of which government employees will make an objection to; as these ideas affect their jobs the most. As “We the People” cannot support our governments activities and bloated paychecks anymore. Poverty in the USA is in a predominate level. The purchasing power by consumers creates a strong “Free Enterprise / Market System”. Everyone in the private sector must be in a financial position to prosper. Governments have destroyed the “Free Enterprise / Market System”; Freedom for individuals to start new businesses to create products are completely controlled by governments. You have NO Freedom. The guy that set himself on fire in Tunisia is an example of business oppression.

    A Fair and Equal Tax System:
    “We the People” need “Individual Freedoms” / “Free Enterprise / Market System” upheld; and my TRANSACTING TAX in place -The TRANSACTION TAX is my idea that I thought about back in the early 1970’s when I was working alongside my father Fred H. Vahlsing Jr. for our family’s companies. We had a food empire, owned the Trenton-Robbinsville Airport and the Sharon Country Club nearby, we were commercial and residential developers, we had a plastics manufacturing plant, and at one time we had a seat on the exchange, etc.; to give you a little knowledge about me and my family. I am an old dog. I know why private business and government don’t mix; and it is government that is destroying these United States.

    I want to abolish all taxes at the Federal level, at the State level and at the Local level…and I want to put in place my TRANSACTION TAX which is the most “fairest” tax on earth. Everyone pays — No Exceptions / No Exemptions. Everyone pays on every transaction a 12% tax–including all donations to non-profits, foundations, churches, etc. (No Exceptions / No Exemptions / EVERYONE PAYS). This TRANSACTION TAX will cause the stock market manipulators to cease their manipulating market games; …as they will have to pay 12% on every securities transaction! At the same time we must abolish every tax that is existent.

    Every time a dollar is transacted; 12% goes to the Feds; no matter what entity or who is transacting the dollar. The wealthy do not want this TRANSACTION TAX as they know that they will not be able to avoid this tax and that they will be hit the hardest. That’s why when any one promotes a tax similar to my TRANSACTION TAX; the wealthy uses their leverage to stop it.

    This is not a consumption tax situation. It is a “TRANSACTION TAX” on every dollar. Taxes are the main problem; taxes are destroying this country. The second problem is the government’s decision making on how they spend this taxpayer generated cash. Most elected live in a bubble. They have no idea about humanity; and their daily struggle to survive.

    Abolish all taxes…The U.S. Congress must stop the States and Local governments from collecting any type of tax; such as property tax, sales tax, profession license tax, business taxes and fees of any kind (franchise taxes, etc.), vehicle reg. tax, driver license tax, fuel tax, pollution tax, utility tax, water tax, sewer tax, communications tax, j-walking tax, the new carbon tax, including and not limited to a million or more hidden taxes and fees that are oppressive, extortion and abridge “Freedom”!

    All these taxes are destroying us. …All these taxes must be abolished. Make these States (and Local governments) beg for money from the Feds; and make them submit to our U.S. Congress their annual expense budget to run their State. “We the People” are extorted three times over and over allowing these out of control States and Local governments to steal from us. Plus you might lower the corruption activities in these State and Local governments; because there is a “check and balance” audit by our U.S. Congress. These State and Local governments are subsidiaries of the Federal anyway.

    Also, our government at the Federal level must stop the States from creating their own Local and States laws and ordinances; (of which most all are “unconstitutional” and are used to extort money from the people). Let’s really blanket our country with our original “Declaration of Independence”-(the most important document), our “Constitution” and our “Bill of Rights” to protect all of us; … “for all the promises that these documents represents”. Why does government want to control a person that decides to take a short cut to cross a street (J-walk)? Does the government want us all to be under their control as like a robot? Is it to introduce and walk us into communism?

    We must put a national TRANSACTION TAX in place; and “END” EVERY SORT OF TAX EVER CREATED; and all those individuals and companies using accounting gimmicks to avoid paying tax will end. I believe that we will be able to drop that TRANSACTION TAX percentage of 12% down to 9% in the future. Then we can fire 80% of the IRS employees; and all the employees that work in State and Local agencies that collect any kind of tax. Boy, life would be so much more simplified. All of seventy percent of government employees at the Federal level, State level, and Local level must be fired at some future time to lower the annual payroll and benefits costs; and to simplify our government’s activities. Basic needs for the people must be concentrated on.

    Private enterprise should be creating jobs. Not the government. The tax burden of the private sector must be reduced; and that can only be achieved by reducing government employees. 70 percent of government employees at the Federal level, State level and the Local level should be fired. …(I repeat myself.)

    Example at the Federal level:
    Certain government employees that are all comfy in their overpaid nonsense jobs don’t like my down size government assertions. Go to this site http://www.usa.gov/directory/federal/index.shtml and click “A-Z Index of U.S. Government Departments and Agencies” and start choosing who you want to fire to downsize our Federal government. …And then those employees that survived our firings; let’s cut their salaries in half. Or better yet; let’s pay all of them minimum wage; including all the elected. Let’s see them try to survive on the minimum wage. “We the People” are tired of politicians serving themselves and not the people. They are always giving themselves raises, hiring their friends and associates (nepotism); and giving favoritism to big corporations.

    Pension Funds:
    We all realize that the exchanges are nothing but gambling casinos; and must be treated as such. Those pension funds that are seeking long term investments should be looking at direct lending investments in real estate; whereas the real estate is the collateral. Each pension fund should set up their own Hedge Fund for this lending activity; (and at no time should any of these pension fund mortgages be sold to another vender).

    Public education should be a year round school year; and grades kindergarten through sixth grade for elementary classes; and high school should consist of seventh, eighth, ninth and tenth grade. Get rid of the eleventh and twelfth grades. Graduate everyone in the tenth grade. All higher learning “State” colleges and “State” trade schools should have continued free education.

    Federal Reserve:
    I agree with everyone that the Federal Reserve has too many ties with the big Brokerage Houses and big corporations; …and that there is favoritism and corruption activity. The big “Brokerage Houses” that have ties with the Federal Reserve (and within the government). They get economic data before the public does; and can position themselves in the market accordingly. If this isn’t insider information; I don’t what is. …and what or who’s toilet did the sixteen trillion dollars get flushed down? The Federal Reserve exploits its power. We should be closing this questionable private sector – government entity. We should create a “United States Currency Agency” that has no ties to anyone; and is a pure Federal government department with no ties to the private sector. The head of this agency should be appointed by the U.S. Congress (two year job performance and only one term position); meaning that this job is filled with a new person every two years.

    Tax Expenditure Question:
    Why are taxpayer dollars being used to build stadiums and arenas, etc.; when the private sector should be laying out the cash for these sports entertainment sites. How much taxpayer loot is being used for the new World Trade Center property? This is just a small example of the wasteful use of our taxpayer dollars. Private sector dollars should invest in all these projects. By the way how many office buildings are not fully rented or are sitting empty NYC; and were funded with taxpayer loot? …and government is not supposed to be in business or running a business. Government is a charity entity to serve the people.

    Starting a Business and Capital Raising:
    Take this issue out of each State’s control — When someone starts a business; all business entities must file their business “Certificate of Incorporation”, etc. with the U.S. Patent Office; not with a State; and this one time “Certificate of Incorporation” filing is a life time event for you business; this will also protect you business “NAME” for life. You will not have to check in annually and submit an annual report or do anything else to keep your business active. Your business is alive forever! Nobody can mess with it! This would rid us from the Blue Sky Laws non-sense crap and controlling us; or having us to register our corporation as a foreign entity, if we are setting up shop in many States. Of which steals more money through taxation from the people and their businesses. We must return the control of our businesses back to the owners of their business. …And companies that want to go public – they just have go through the legal formalities of putting together their IPO prospectus and registering (directly) their IPO with each “casino exchange” that they would like their IPO to be carried. No more government control! No more SEC (fire all those government employees). If someone has an issue with someone else; (argue your issue in a courtroom and set a precedence).

    Will Our Children Continue to Protect Freedom for Future Generations?:
    The elected have predominantly erased our “U.S. Declaration of Independence”, our “U.S. Constitution” and our “U.S. Bill of Rights”; whereby the words themselves on these documents are translucent on the documents. My family (ancestors on my mother’s side) was one of the fifty-six signers of the “U.S. Declaration of Independence” –Dr. Hall; and they fought in the “Revolutionary War”… We killed off the King’s redcoats to bring this country to its independence. My family and others during the “Revolutionary War” did not risk their lives to create a government that was going to regulate and tax them. On the contrary, the whole reason for the “Revolutionary War” was to stop the King from regulating and taxing.

    Closing Rant:
    This is just a small piece of my mind. I got a lot more “rant” to bring back our “Freedoms”; to reduce our big governments, to reduce wasteful government spending; and reduce the liability to the taxpayer. Government must be regulated; not the people. Our elderly are unsecured and living in poverty. Our children are in a difficult struggle — to chase after the American dream with all the regulations and taxes that they have to walk through. There are over seven billion people on this planet; so that means that there are over seven billion individual personalities. We all have our own way of doing things. That’s what “Freedom” and the “Free Enterprise / Market System” is all about. “Capitalism is not wasteful; government is wasteful. “Freedom” and the “Free Enterprise / Market System” must be upheld (Freedom gives an equal playing field for all businesses and individuals). Individuals that are creative, inventive and business savvy must be able to produce their products and raise capital in a free and open market. Individuals that are creative, inventive and business savvy must be able to produce their products and raise capital in a free and open market. …and if they fail the first time; Freedom affords them the opportunity to try again. Life happens and so does the “Free Enterprise / Market System”. Stop controlling it.

    “We the People” must live, play, make our own decisions in real Freedom; and put the proverbial handcuffs on government employees (the Elected, Appointed, Hired) for their mafia syndicate style activities; for their law and order arm-twisting extortion payola tax and fines scams; for stalking us, spying on us, stealing from us. …AND for extending their arm to murder us if we don’t conform and participate in their money generating breeding ground.

    Mayor Bloomberg, “Occupy FREEDOM USA” …FREEDOM is the demand, absolutely. … “Avow Liberty throughout; from corner to corner, universally, unanimously, across the world; our world with one future, FREEDOM!” … To all of us, that must take equal responsibility to protect FREEDOM. May we all contribute to defending our FREEDOMS on our beautiful earth, for all her tomorrows.” Occupy World FREEDOM.

    Look Beyond the Stars for Spiritual Guidance,

    Christina Vahlsing


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