OccupyUMD: Second General Assembly, Oct 13

Occupy Colleges is coordinating a Student Solidarity Protest in support of Occupy Wall Street.  Right now there are 90 colleges nation-wide that are joining in the action!  Occupy UMD will be holding a second General Assembly in solidarity with the protest.  Click here for the facebook event for this GA! 

Some of the things on the General Assembly’s proposed agenda include:

  • Where does the Occupy Movement stand as a whole?
  • How does OccupyUMD fit in with OccupyDc and other Dc campuses?
  • What are our demands or do we need them right away?
  • When and where should we start our occupation?
  • How should we do outreach to build this movement?

When: Thursday, October 13 · 4:30pm – 6:00pm

Where: The Sun Dial on the Mall, UMD

"99%" written in colors of the Maryland flag, in reference to the Occupy slogan "We are the 99%"

Also, don’t forget to check out OccupyDC if you have the chance!  They have great workshops and trainings  (non-violent direct action; facilitation; anti-racism; etc.) every day, and have been joining in some pretty bad ass civil disobediences and marches.  The DC General Assembly is held every day at approximately noon and 6pm at McPherson Square!


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