Food Recovery Network

What is the Food Recovery Network?
This past fall, Alpha Phi Omega service fraternity, The Love Movement, MaryPIRG and Dining Services launched the Food Recovery Network. Four nights a week, a handful of student volunteers go to the South Campus Diner kitchen to scoop the surplus food that would otherwise be thrown out into trays and donate it to So Others Might Eat, a local homeless shelter. This project saved over 6,000 meals last year in its pilot run! Now Dining Services has given the project permission to expand to other nights of the week and to other campus eateries–AND WE NEED YOUR HELP! The only way we can cover all seven nights of the week is if other student groups, fraternities and sororities step up to adopt a night of the week.

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What does this entail?

-1 night a week, 4 or 5 members of your organization would volunteer for about 45 minutes at the South Campus Diner
-Scoop about 100 meals worth of untouched food into trays as Dining Services staff brings it to you
-Preferably one team member would be able to drive it to So Others Might Eat in DC, but if you can’t swing that we got you covered
-Over the course of the fall semester, your one-night-a-week recoveries will amount to around 1,000 meals that would have gone to waste being donated to hungry people in the DC and CP area. That’s a big impact!

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Please join in!
The difference you will make is HUGE. While our efforts so far have gone a long way, this university still has lots of room for improvement–we toss over a thousand pounds of good food each week that could be going to the local hungry. We simply lack the volunteer manpower to scoop and deliver it! That’s where you come in. With your help we know we can reach our goal of recovering and donating 10,000 meals in the fall 2011 semester!

Contact: Ben Simon at

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