Tar Sands Solidarity Rally at Obama’s Speech, Sept 9

Obama is coming to University of Richmond’s campus. The decision on whether or not to cancel the Tar Sands pipeline is still looming over his desk. We cannot miss the opportunity to stand with over 1200 Americans that got arrested to send a message to Obama: this is our future.

We’ll be meeting Thursday at 9 PM in the Whitehurst Living Room to show the banners we have, make art, organize logistics, prepare people for media exposure, and everything.

For the rally itself, be there by 10:15 am at the grassy patch with benches in front of the West Entrance of Robins Stadium. You’ll see us gathering in a corner of the parking lot before we march up to the Robins Stadium main entrance to engage media and citizens by arranging on the cement cul-de-sac. More details to be added as planning continues. Click here to visit the facebook page!

When: Friday, September 9, 10:30am – 2:00pm

Where: West Entrance of Robins Stadium, University of Richmond Virginia

28 Westhampton Way

Tar Sands Action: Stop Keystone XL Pipeline


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