Not Your Mother’s Trans 101, Sept 22

Want to learn how to be a good trans* ally? Come join the discussion on the Rooftop Garden! Check out the facebook event here!
When: Thursday, September 22nd, 6:00pm
Where: Rooftop Garden, South Campus Dining Hall, UMD

Trans Symbol with Fist of Power

don’t want to wait until then?  Me either.  Check out these tips for being a rad trans* ally, written by Foster G. and Remy R.
There are lots of ways to be an ally to trans* folk!  Here are some starting points:
  • Use people’s preferred pronouns (i.e.:  he/she/ze/they/etc.)
    • If you’re unsure (gender isn’t something you can tell by looking at someone,) ASK!  (what pronouns do you prefer?)
      • The singular form of “they” is also an option and yes, it’s grammatically correct!
  • Familiarize yourself with gender neutral pronouns and use them when requested. Ze/hir/they/etc.
  • Educate yourself!  There are lots of resources out there–books, zines, outreach organizations, the interwebz, etc.–so use ‘em!
  • Transgender is not a noun (ze is a transgender, they are transgenders) it is not a verb (she is transgendering or she is transgendered) it is an adjective (he is transgender).
  • Speak up when you hear transphobic “jokes,” comments, and other unsavory remarks.  BUT also remember we are not voiceless/powerless; we dig solidarity/cooperation/affinity politics!
  • Remember there is no monolithic trans* experience or narrative.  We all have different experiences and they’re all valid.
  • The only thing that makes someone trans is self identification. If they identify as trans, they are and if they don’t, they aren’t.
  • If you mess up (we all make mistakes,) apologize, make amends, move on, and don’t do it again.

Resources for Trans folk on and off Campus


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